What is the Gift for a 2nd Anniversary?

Traditional and non-traditional gift ideas for a second wedding anniversary don't have to be boring. Put a unique or modern twist on old ideas.


The traditional anniversary gift guide was first published by Emily Post in 1922, making cotton the official gift for a second wedding anniversary. It isn't clear when the modern idea of giving china became common, but there are lots of ways to carry the themes into a wedding anniversary celebration.


Consider the personality, preferences, hobbies, and interests of the recipient when selecting a gift for a second wedding anniversary. Some might prefer a more traditional gift, while others might like an unusual or trendy present instead.


A unique gift on a traditional theme for a second wedding anniversary would be cotton themed. Couples could receive romantic lingerie, high quality bedding, luxurious bath robe, or a personalized throw blanket. For a fun china-themed gift, try giving a personalized plate, a decorative statue (indoor figurine or outdoor garden statuette,) vase (full of flowers of course,) or designer kitchenware.


Other potential gift ideas for a second wedding anniversary include a spa-trip, couples massage, or a vacation get-away. By the second year of marriage, many couples have a child or other responsibilities and might appreciate some time away.


Feature a second wedding anniversary gift by wrapping it attractively or presenting it in an unusual way. Put a clue to the gifts location in a personalized Chinese fortune cookie to highlight the modern gift idea. Wrap the presents in large bath towels to emphasize the traditional second wedding anniversary gift of cotton.