How to Show Your Girl How Much She Means to You

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Showing your girlfriend how much she means to you is an important part of keeping your relationship strong. She needs to know that you love, appreciate and respect her. Expressing your love on a daily basis can result in a relationship that is much more fulfilling, according to psychology professor Dr. Susan Krauss Whitborne in an article for "Psychology Today." However you choose to express your feelings about your girlfriend, whether through words, actions or gifts, your measures should come from the heart.

Romantic Gestures

A romantic gesture is not only a sweet way to show your girlfriend how much you appreciate her but also an important step toward keeping the fire going in your relationship. You can do something classy, such as write her a love letter detailing why she means so much to you. Send her a bouquet of red roses at work "just because." Write one reason why you love her for each day of the year on small pieces of paper and present them to her in a jar. She can take one out and read it each day. Be consistent and plan regular date nights to show her that staying connected on a romantic level is important to you.

The Little Things

Sometimes, small things you do can show your love in a huge way. Make her day easier by going grocery shopping for her, take her car to the shop for a tune-up, or get up early to start the coffee. Put your anniversary of the first time you met, your first date and any other significant moments in all of your calendars and set reminds at least a few days in advance so you can prepare. She'll be touched and impressed that you make it a priority to remember.

Tokens of Love

While you don't need to break the bank for a pricey gift all the time, an occasional gift can express how special your girlfriend is to you. Try to think outside of the box and opt for a thoughtful gift that might prove helpful or that she has wanted for a while. For example, scour garage sales for that vintage bedroom vanity she's always wanted and then have it refurbished. Top-of-the-line photo editing software might be just what she needs for her freelance photography business. Save the traditional gifts, such as jewelry or a designer handbag, for birthdays or Christmas. If you are on a budget, give her a homemade gift from the heart. For instance, surprise her with your mom's secret recipe for the carrot cake that she raves about.

Just Say It

It doesn't get any easier than simply telling your girlfriend how you much love, care for and respect her. Say "I love you" in a heartfelt manner to her every single day. Send her a few texts throughout the day that show you are thinking about her. Always say "thank you" and show appreciation when she does something for you. According to a 2010 study in "Personal Relationships," published by the International Association for Relationship Research, the more gratitude couples express, the happier and more satisfied they are with the relationship. Make it a point to express your appreciation to her at least once daily.