How to Be Romantic to Your Girlfriend

by Misti Sandefur

How would you like your girlfriend to brag to all her friends about how lucky she is to have such a romantic boyfriend like you? Of course, you'd be delighted! The question, however, is do you know how to be romantic to your girlfriend.

Leave little love notes for her in her locker or someplace she is sure to find them. Let her know how much you love her and why she's so special to you. If the two of you recently went out on a date, tell her what your favorite moment of the date was and how pretty she looked. The love notes you leave for her are not only romantic, but they're guaranteed to make her day or at least make her smile.

Search for the prettiest wildflowers you can find, and then pick a bundle of them to take to your girlfriend. Even though the wildflowers may die within a few hours, the memory never will.

Give her a homemade gift. An idea: a scrapbook that includes your dates and other things you've done together. In the scrapbook, include photos and things you may have from the date or activity. For example, if your first date took place at the movies, write a great memory from that date and include the ticket stub on the same page.

Brighten her day by taking her on a horse and carriage ride. On this day, treat her as if she's a princess.

Spread a blanket on the ground outside and invite her to watch the sunset with you. As the two of you watch a beautiful sunset together, cuddle up and hold hands.

Call in to her favorite radio station and dedicate a love song to her.

Write a song about her, then sing it to her.

Open all doors for her.

Don't be afraid to tell her how much you love her, and do it often.

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  • Implementing these steps into your relationship will have a positive effect for both of you. In turn she will begin to show her love for you in ways that you like.

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