Cute Things to Do for a Girlfriend Who Is Far Away

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It's no secret that long-distance relationships are hard, but doing special things for each other can make the time apart go faster and keep things exciting. Keep your long-distance girlfriend on her toes by sending her a variety of romantic items or by planning creative experiences the two of you can share, bringing you closer together despite the distance.

Electronic Love Messages

Send your girlfriend a "song of the week" that either reminds you of her in some way or describes your relationship. She can do the same, sending you a song that reminds her of you. You can also put together weekly music playlists to which you both contribute a few songs. Send her emails about the songs and how they remind you of her. Another idea is to send your girlfriend a video diary giving her a look into your life on a typical day. Have friends and coworkers give her a shout-out on the video and tell her how you talk about her all the time. .

Creative Love Games

Have a picture of you and your girlfriend made into small puzzle pieces. Many photo companies that make pictures into mugs and shirts can also turn pictures into puzzles. Mail her just a few pieces at a time each week until she has it all put together. Another idea is to send your girlfriend on a romantic scavenger hunt in her area. Mail her a scavenger hunt list with clues to romantic locations in her area. Have her take a picture of herself in each location to mail or email back to you. She can include a message with each picture of what the two of you could do in each spot the next time you visit.

Love Packages

Send your girlfriend a care package that lets her know you are thinking of her. If she has moved away from the town or city you both grew up in, send her a nostalgic care package. For example, you could send her cookies from the bakery she used to visit. You could also include nonperishable snacks she enjoyed as a kid, such as bags of popcorn, trail mix and chips. Perhaps you could send her a "missing you" survival care package. This can include an electronic picture frame with a slideshow of the two of you. You can also include a teddy bear with a voice recording device loaded with a special message from you. Whenever she squeezes the bear, she'll hear your voice and the sweet message.

Love Letter Fun

While the classic love letter will never go out of style, you can put a twist on it by starting a journal. Write a letter to your girlfriend on the first page or two, expressing how much you love and miss her. Send it to her to write a message back to you. The two of you can continue to exchange the journal, allowing you to look back and see how your relationship has evolved over time. To add a little mystery, write her a love letter with a hidden message that she has to try to figure out. For example, you could write a love letter containing a secondary message that uses the first word of each sentence. Once she figures it out, challenge her to send you back a coded letter.