Cute Ideas to Ask for Forgiveness From Your Girlfriend

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Going out of your way to find a creative way to apologize when you make a mistake shows that your apology is heartfelt and you really mean it. Depending on the situation, a simple “I’m sorry” may not be enough and your girlfriend might interpret it an empty apology. Making it cute, fun and meaningful can help relieve some of the stress in the relationship and warm her heart.

Give a Gift

Surprise your girlfriend with an unexpected gift -- but go beyond the traditional flowers and candy. Find a large, fluffy stuffed animal and tie a ribbon bow around its neck with a short apology note attached. A live puppy or kitten -- after all, who doesn't melt when holding something so irresistibly cuddly -- is another way to go, but only if you know for a fact that she wants a pet. Attach the apology note to its collar and present it to her in a fun way. For example, knock on her door and hold the animal in front of you so she sees her new fuzzy friend with the note as soon as she opens the door.

Write a Poem

You don’t have to be a poet to write a love poem asking for forgiveness. An acrostic poem is simple to write and will be more meaningful than copying someone else's poetry from a book or the Internet. Start by writing your girlfriend's name down the left-hand column of a piece of paper. You should then write one line for each letter in her name, having the first word of the line start with the corresponding letter of her name. For example, if her name is Amber, the first line of the poem would begin with a word that starts with the letter "A," the second line would start with "M," the third with "B" and so on. Write lines that tell her why you’re sorry or that describe the things you love about her. Write it out on decorative stationary, decorate the first letters and frame it. Another option would be to find a meaningful pre-written poem and create a book with one or two lines per page. Decorate the pages with pictures of her favorite things or photos of the two of you together to conjure up good memories.

Sing a Song

It doesn’t matter if you have a great singing voice or can't even carry a tune. Learn the words to your girlfriend’s favorite song or a special song that has meaning for the two of you. You can also write your own song to tell her how you feel about her and ask her to forgive you. Show up on her doorstep or call her on the phone. When she answers, don’t say anything, but just start singing. Another option is to create a CD with all of her favorite songs or songs that express how you feel about her. Invite her over for dinner with the music playing in the background, and then present her with the CD afterwards.

Love Notes

Love notes are a fun way to ask for forgiveness. Write your message to your girlfriend on a series of sticky notes. Place the notes in different places where she will easily find them, such as the pillow, door and mirror or on different pages of a book she is reading. You could also write your message or a poem on a series of small cards with each one attached to a single rose. Have them delivered to her one at a time while she is at home or at work.