How to Word a Welcome Home

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"Welcome Home" is one of the sweetest phrases ever spoken. Whether someone is returning home after a stay in the hospital, a term away at college or from a tour of duty, a warm welcome will set the tone for a happy return. Once you know what you want to say you can choose to put your message in writing or simply say it. Either way, your loved one will be delighted to receive your best wishes.

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Start with a greeting. There is nothing wrong with using the tried-and-true greeting of "Welcome Home!" but if there is a different phrase that is special to you and your loved one, go ahead and use that one instead.

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Include how much she was missed and how you feel about her return. For example, you could say, "This house has been so quiet and boring without you, we are so glad to have you here again." If you are writing your message, feel free to use exclamation marks and smiley faces. You can even choose to dot your "i" with a heart. Let the love flow.

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Mention at least one wish or hope that you have for him while he is home. Think about how happy you want him to be and say something that will bring a smile to his face. For example, you could say, "We know all of your friends have missed you; we hope you get to see each and every one of them."

Offer her something that will help her return be more comfortable or successful. For example, you can offer to do her a favor, give her some alone-time or help her complete something.

Close with the phrase that fits the moment. For example, "Congratulations on finishing your first semester!"