How to Address Place Cards for Weddings

Inject your personality into the smallest details of your wedding celebration. Place cards rest on each reception table’s place settings. Each place card contains the name of the guest slated to sit in a predetermined seat. Place cards are one of the first personalized items people encounter upon arrival at your wedding reception. Address the place cards in a manner that helps establish the theme and atmosphere of your celebration.

How to Address Place Cards for Weddings

Use full titles. For formal affairs, write the appropriate salutation or title, such as Ms., Mrs., Dr., Esq., along with the full first and last name. For example, “Dr. Jane Doe” and “Mr. John Doe.” Address unmarried women as Ms. and married women as Mrs..

Use first and last names with no titles. For less formal functions, write down first and last names only. This option saves the time in researching occupations and marital statuses for appropriate title information. According to Wedding USA, being consistent is the most important aspect of addressing place cards.

Use first names only. For small casual receptions, use first names only. Include a last initial for those with the same first name. For example, place cards for Jane Doe and Jane Smith would read “Jane D.” and “Jane S.” This option does not work for large receptions.

Use nicknames. For very casual, fun wedding receptions, use nicknames or themed salutations on the place cards. For example, a little sister’s place card could use her childhood nickname instead of her given name. For a fairy tale-themed wedding reception, use Prince and Princess instead of Mr. and Ms. or Mrs..

Acknowledge guests. If an invited guest brings an unnamed guest, write a place card that reads “Guest” or “Guest of Jane Doe.” According to The Knot, couples avoid the “guest” place cards by leaving room on the reply card for the single invitee to write the name of the guest.