How to Address Bridal Shower Invitations

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Addressing invitations properly for a bridal shower is just as important as it is for the invitations to the wedding itself. Formality is the rule of the day for the outsides of the envelopes -- full names, as well as indications such as "Dr.," Mr." or "Ms." belong on the envelope, showing invited guests you care enough to take the time to make this event extra special.

Prepare one invitation for each guest invited to the bridal shower, even if two or three guests reside in the same household. Place the invitation in the envelope and seal it shut.

Hand write the guest's name in the middle of the envelope with a calligraphy. Be sure to preface their name with "Mr.", "Dr.," "Miss," "Ms.," or "Mrs.;" do not just write the name because this is not proper etiquette for a bridal shower invitation.

Write the guest's address below her name on the invitation with the calligraphy pen.

Add the bridal shower host's name and address in the upper left hand corner. This is the address that should be used for the RSVP.

Affix a stamp to the upper right hand corner of each invitation.

Mail invitations one month before the bridal shower's scheduled date.