How to Word an Invitation for a Female Dinner Party

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Throwing a dinner party is a fun way to visit with your best female friends and have an enjoyable evening. Like the party itself, how to word the invitation depends on the theme of the dinner party. If the party is elegant and formal, you should opt for a more formal language. However, a casual dinner party may be written more like you would normally speak to your friends, although proper grammar and punctuation are still a must.

Choose a line of poetry or a lyric that fits the mood of your dinner party to write at the top of the invitation. This serves both to set the mood of your party and act as a soft introduction to the invitation, rather than jumping straight to the pertinent information.

Write a formal sentence inviting the ladies to your party if the party is formal, such as, "You are cordially invited to a women's dinner party..." or "Please be our guest at this ladies-only dinner event...." For more casual parties, try a wording like "Please join us for a ladies night out..." or "a ladies night in...."

Write the location of the dinner, including the name of the venue or the name of the host's home, followed by the address. Write the date and time of the dinner party with words rather than letters, such as "Wednesday, July fourteenth, two thousand and ten, at six o'clock in the evening." For a more casual party, you can use the usual "When: 6:00 p.m.; Where: My place."

Write the phone number for RSVPs at the bottom of the invitation to remind the ladies to call and accept or decline your dinner party invitation.