How to Word a Spanish Anniversary Invitation

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After the wedding vows, there are a million reasons to celebrate each wedding anniversary that comes to pass. There are as many ways to word a Spanish anniversary invitation as there are couples celebrating anniversaries. Whether a formal or informal celebration, the invitation sets the mood for the anniversary event. It is important as the party planner to write in the appropriate tone. Choose a style that is right for your occasion and enjoy making more memories together.


Indicate who the party hosts are in the first line. If the children are hosting the anniversary party, then write, "Deseamos celebrar con ustedes los 30 años de casados de nuestros padres Juliana y Marco."

If the parents are hosting the party together with their children, write, "Con nuestros hijos Samuel y Jennifer, quisimos compartir con Ustedes los 30 años recorridos juntos, en el camino de vida."

If the couple is throwing their own celebration, write "Cumplimos 30 años de casados y queremos festejarlo con quienes queremos."

Write the date of the event, "El 23 de agosto."

Write the time of the event, "a las 8 de la noche," or more formally, "a las 20 hs."

Write the name and address of the event location in its original language, for example, "Embassy Suites Ballroom," or "Larkins Restaurant."

Write the name of the happy couple and their actual anniversary dates: "Marco y Juliana, 9 de Septiembre 1980 – 9 de Septiembre 2010," or more simply, "Marco y Juliana, 9/9/1980 – 2010."