How to Write a Birthday Invite in Spanish

A birthday invitation is a card that is sent out to everyone who is invited to the party. You can send invitations for both formal and casual parties, which allows people to plan ahead to come to the special occasion. Writing the birthday invite in Spanish would be great for guests who don't know much English. There are Spanish birthday party invitations available at the store, but you can write your own.

Write on the top left side of the birthday invitation who the party is for. Also indicate that it is a birthday party. For example, nombre del cumpleanero (cumpleanera for female) means "name of the birthday boy or girl." Then write next to it the person's name, such as Pedro or Maria. Cumpleanero states it is for a birthday.

Continue to write next to the name of the birthday person that the person receiving the invitation is invited to celebrate the occasion. When written in Spanish it will say te invita a su fiesta de cumpleanos que se celebrara el dia. Next to this write the day of the occasion such as Sunday, which is domingo.

Look below the day of the occasion and continue to write information regarding the date of the birthday. Write month (mes) and time (hora). Below that write where (lugar) the birthday party will be held.

Add on optional information. Write whether or not children are allowed. This would be written towards the left side about an inch away from the edge of the invitation towards the bottom. Begin with por favor for please. Finish with no traer ninos if you don t want your guests to bring their children. You can also write about whether or not they can bring someone with them. This would be written acompanantes son bienvenidos, which means they can bring company.

Write puedes traer bocadillos. This says to bring food or drinks. This is also optional and you will want to write it towards the bottom of the invitation, starting on the left side.