How to Word a Dutch Baby Shower Invitation

by Alyssa Guzman

Wording for a "Dutch-treat" baby shower inivitation should request that guests contribute to the cost of the party.

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Protocol for a "Dutch-treat" party calls for guests to pay their own way. A Dutch-treat baby shower invitation should politely inform guests they are responsible for a portion of the party's costs. While etiquette does not advocate asking guests to pay to attend a party, a Dutch-treat baby shower requires it. According to the LifeTips website, the best place to provide cost-related information is in the corner of the invitation.

Step 1

Lead the invitation with a cute poem or rhyme. Follow this example from the Creative Baby Shower Ideas website, "Bring your rain boots, bring your umbrella/Come celebrate a new little fella."

Step 2

Include an announcement about the nature of the party. For example, "Please join us for a Dutch treat baby shower honoring [Mother-to-be's Name Here]."

Step 3

List other relevant details about the baby shower, such as the date, time and location of the event.

Step 4

Ask guests to confirm their attendance at the baby shower. Include the following language on the baby shower invitation: "Kindly reply by [month, date]." Provide a telephone number guests can call to R.S.V.P. .

Step 5

List the estimated cost per person. Print this information using a smaller font size. Place the text either in the corner of the baby shower information, or directly under the wording from Step 6.

Step 6

Provide details about the mommy and baby-to-be's gift registry at the end of the baby shower invitation. For example, "Registered at Baby Boutique."

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