How to Say No Gifts on a Kid's Birthday Invitation

Because of an overflow of toys and clothing, some parents don't want their child to receive birthday gifts. Add a line to the invitation stating that gifts are neither desired or required to get your point across without offending. Careful wording and creative alternative options ensure your request is understood and taken to heart, and it also takes the pressure off the guests for finding the perfect gifts.

Say No Gifts on a Kid's Birthday Invitation

Include a playful pun on your invitations. Write a lighthearted note such as, "Your presence is the only present required!" or "We desire your presence instead of presents."

Offer those intent on gift giving other options. Request that they offer small donations to a charity of the child's choosing, or suggest any presents be dropped off at the local children's charity. Say: "We are blessed to have all we need. In lieu of gifts, please make a small donation of a toy or funds to the Children's Hospital."

Allow those who feel uncomfortable appearing without gifts the option to bring a food item. Write a short note in the invitations, stating, "Please bring a potluck item to share instead of gifts."

Offer a group activity that requires a homemade gift. Put together a child's memory book or posterboards to hold pictures and cards as guests arrive and present it to the child in the guests' presence. Ask each guest to bring a piece of wisdom written down for the child and read them aloud. State in the invitations, "Instead of gifts, we request that you bring a memento to share with Susan on her birthday. No further presents are required."

Word your request for no gifts with a "thank you" instead of a "please" to accentuate gratitude and grace. Write a statement such as, "No gifts, thank you," instead of "No gifts, please."