How to Ask for Shower Donations

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When having a bridal shower or baby shower, you might find that having guests make monetary donations is a better option for you rather than registering for gifts. Even though it sounds like a great option, asking for donations is a difficult subject. You do not want to seem greedy or make your guests feel pressured into bringing you money. There is a great way to make your wishes known to your guests without the negative connotations.

Write the phrase “Please allow the (bride or mother-to-be) to choose her own gifts” below the RSVP information on your invitations. This will let the guests know that you are not registered anywhere and do not want them to bring you random gifts.

Bring up the subject of a gift covertly when people call to RSVP either to you directly or the person who is throwing the party for you. The person in charge can say something like “She is waiting for the baby to be born before she buys too many things.” This will let the guests know that you are not being greedy by asking for money. You just do not want gifts that you may not be able to use.

Tell close family members such as your siblings and parents that you would like donations rather than gifts. Then if a guest asks them where you are registered, they can let the guest know that you would rather not receive presents.