What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card

bridal flowers image by Jessica Rickards from Fotolia.com

Bridal showers have been given for years by friends, family and even co-workers to honor the bride. The shower itself does not need to be extravagant, but it is important to address a bridal shower card with adequate information. Write appropriate information in the shower card to avoid any misunderstandings from those invited to attend the shower.

A "Catchy" Phrase

Write something funny in the card that will bring a smile to the face of all who read it. For instance, write "Kim's wedding is not far away, so let's get her prepared for the big day." A catchy phrase or two may compel the recipient to mark the date on her calendar and hopefully attend the bridal shower.

Location, Date and Time

Include appropriate information in the bridal shower card. List the name of the bride, the location of the event and the date and time of the shower. Also include the names of the hosts and a number or email address to respond with a RSVP. It's also a good idea to ask the recipient to respond by a specific date.

Gift Ideas

Inform the recipients of any place the bride and groom may be registered for gift. Expensive china patterns or tableware are not a necessary shower gift, only a thought to those who may want to consider purchasing an item on the bride's wish list. Although gifts are not expected, it's a good idea to bring a small token for the bride.

An Interesting Tidbit

As a side note, write short tidbits of information about the bride and groom. For example, include where the couple met, their first date, the location where the groom proposed, or even where the couple may be honeymooning. This information may give a recipient an idea regarding a personalized bridal gift.