What Is the Rule About Favors at a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a special time where friends and family come together to celebrate an upcoming marriage and give gifts to the bride-to-be to help prepare her home for married life. Anyone who is close to the bride can host this get-together. Understanding proper bridal shower etiquette is important. If you are hosting a shower, you may wonder whether you should give favors to guests.

Favor Etiquette

Bridal shower favors can be very special and make the event memorable. Although favors are a nice touch, according to bridal shower etiquette, they are not required.

Favor Ideas

If you decide to give favors at a bridal shower you are hosting, there are many favor ideas, including heart-shaped measuring spoons, purse hooks, heart-shaped candles, personalized lip balm or personalized bath salts. You can find such items at online retailers like Beau-Coup.


When choosing bridal shower favors, coordinate these gifts with the theme of your party. For example, if you have a English tea party theme, you might want to offer each guest a small teapot and tea bags.

Prizes for Guests

If you decide not to give out favors to your bridal shower guests, you might want to consider giving out prizes to the winner of games played at your event. Again, it might be a good idea to coordinate any gifts given with the theme of the party.

Shower Games

If you are thinking of playing games and giving out prizes, consider playing bridal bingo, bridal word scramble or famous couples. Check out Abbee Bridal Showers for descriptions of these games and more.