How to Ask Your Crush to Be Your Boyfriend

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You have crossed paths with someone who leaves you thinking about him day and night. You dream of him being your boyfriend one day, but you are unsure how to make this fantasy a reality. While there are no guarantees that your crush will respond to your overtures with a "Yes," there are things you can do to improve the odds that he will become your boyfriend. Knowing what steps to take can help you feel more confident and know what to expect.

Step 1

Get to know your crush. If you have admired him from afar, consider starting a conversation. Light-hearted topics, such as favorite restaurants, things to do in the area or where each of you work, can help you break the ice.

Step 2

Ask your crush on a date. You might say, "I've been eager to try out that restaurant. How about we go there together? I'm free Saturday."

Step 3

Express your feelings. If after spending time together, you still believe that dating him is ideal, it is time to let him know how you feel, according to the article, "How to Ask a Guy Out Like a Classy Girl." You might say, "I have enjoyed all of the time we've spent together these last few weeks. I think that you are a fun, kind person, and I wanted to know if a relationship could come out of our friendship,"

Step 4

Give your crush distance if you learn that he is not interested in being anything more than friends. While rejection can hurt, it also frees you to move on to someone new. Do not try to convince him to date you -- if he is not interested, it may be best to accept his decision and move on.