How to Get a Guy to Go From Friendship to Romance

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You and your friend enjoy watching sports together and talking about the ins and outs of your daily lives. The intimacy that makes a friendship also can lead you to consider him a romantic prospect. While there are no guarantees that your friend will feel the same way, there are things you can do to get a guy to go from friendship to romance.

Take a Look in the Mirror

Your appearance and how you act can play a role in how a guy friend perceives you. Wearing proper-fitting clothing and playing with your hairstyle and cosmetics can influence how attracted he is to you. Standing up straight and showing confidence also can sway your friend's opinion about you. Flirting when your friend seems uncomfortable with it or pretending to like his interests just to attract him can be detrimental. Instead, engage him in conversation with questions about himself, and keep your focus on having fun together.

Talk It Out

While you could hint at your romantic interest in your guy friend for years to come, explaining your feelings outright may be the best way to help you find out if you two share the same feelings for each other. You may want to rehearse what you plan to say and practice appearing relaxed and confident before sharing your feelings. You might say something like, "I have really enjoyed all of the time we have spent together lately, and it made me wonder if there might be something more between us," according to the article "Like, Lust or Love?"

Set the Right Pace

It is natural to have some fears about dating a friend -- if the relationship fails, your friend may worry about how that could affect your friendship in the future. Reminding your friend that the two of you can take the relationship slowly may help him feel more comfortable with taking that next step to romance. Agreeing to go on dates, taking short vacations together and regularly checking in to see if both of you are comfortable with the pace you've set can help a friendship move into a relationship.

Roadblocks to Romance

There may be times when pursuing a friend for a relationship should be avoided. If your guy friend regularly discusses with you other women he is interested in or if he says that you feel like a sister to him, these may be signs that he does not think of you in a romantic way.