Valentine's Day Gifts for Male Friends

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Valentine’s Day is normally a holiday where you give gifts to a spouse, partner or crush. But, for those who like to go the extra mile when it comes to gift giving, Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to give a male friend a Valentine’s Day themed gift.

Dating/Relationship Book

If your male friend is unmarried or unattached, consider giving him a book on understanding women or a book that gives dating tips for men. Most unattached men will appreciate this gift, which stays on the theme of Valentine’s Day. If your male friend is married, you may want to get him a book on how a husband can learn to understand his wife or how to improve their relationship.

Valentine’s Candy

Another gift that is acceptable to give a male friend for Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s themed candy, such as red hearts, conversation hearts or even an assortment of red, pink and white candy such as Swedish fish, cinnamon bears or almonds.


Most women love cologne, and many men don’t own any. Consider picking out pleasant cologne for your male friend to give to him for Valentine’s Day. Explain that it may help him in his dating life. If he is married or has a partner, you may want to ask his partner to help you pick out one that you think your friend will like and his partner will appreciate.


Most men appreciate a good timepiece. A nice watch can help him dress up a casual outfit or appear more professional at work. Consider purchasing your friend a high-quality watch that will not only make him look nice but will help him meet his dates on time.


Perhaps nothing is as thoughtful as a personally written letter to a friend. Valentine’s Day is a holiday set aside for lovers, but you can also use it to express love between friends. Consider using the holiday as an opportunity to tell your friend how you feel about him and the importance of his friendship.