The Best Gifts for a Male Friend

Buying gifts for a male friend can be difficult, but not if you can figure out what your male friend would enjoy.


The best way to choose a gift for a man is to try to find out what his interest are. Does he like music? Sports? Video games? Once you discover his interests and hobbies, find out what he needs. Avoid getting him a gift that shows you noticed the type of activities he enjoys but didn't put much thought into the actual gift. For example, if you buy him a CD he already has or a jersey of a team he doesn't even like, your gift will backfire. Listen when he talks about his interests--he might mention something that he wishes he had or something he thinks is cool.

Electronic Gadgets

Most men enjoy electronic gadgets. These can range from watches to computer peripherals to cell phone accessories. The key is to find a gift that is useful as well as fascinating. Look for something novel that he'll want to show his friends or something that can make his life easier. Make sure to avoid redundant gifts, though. If he loves his iPod, don't get him a lesser model of MP3 player or a Discman.


Men typically aren't as interested in shopping for clothing as women. However, this does not mean that they won't appreciate a well-fitting shirt or jacket. Clothing can be an excellent gift. Look for T-shirt of his favorite band or simply something that you think he would find comfortable and fashionable.


Men's jewelry may be a good gift, depending on your male friend's tastes. A watch, a chain or a masculine bracelet make a meaningful and classy gift. Get it engraved to make it even more personal.

Spirits and Cigars

Some men with discerning taste will appreciate a fine spirit, such as a bottle of top- shelf whiskey or vodka, or a box of imported cigars. Many men are hesitant to spend exorbitant sums of money for high-end consumables but will happily accept these items as gifts.