Gift Ideas for the Bedridden

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It's incredibly difficult to be confined to a bed, so you naturally want to help your loved one deal with the situation by giving a useful gift. When choosing a gift for someone that's bedridden, consider her personal situation--think about the things that she can still do and what she enjoys doing. This will ensure that you find the right gift.


Food can help soothe the person's soul. Fresh baked cookies or favorite snack foods are always a welcome gift, however your friend may be concerned about gaining weight without being able to exercise like usual, so you may want to consider a fruit basket. Meals are also a great food gift because your friend cannot prepare meals on his own. This is especially nice if he's stuck in a hospital eating the hospital's food.


Assuming that she has use of her hands, being bedridden is the perfect time for crafting. Possible ideas include knitting or crocheting, scrapbooking, painting or drawing. If she has never done the craft before, you can purchase a how-to book to give along with the supplies.


Movies and television can help the time go more quickly. Purchasing a full-season DVD set of a TV show can provide hours of entertainment. You can also purchase your friend a DVD rental delivery service or provide the service yourself, going to the rental store to get the movies that he wants to see.


If your friend is somewhat of a book worm, then books can make an excellent gift. You could make trips to the library on his behalf, bringing him books regularly. Alternatively, you can purchase an ebook reader that allows him to purchase electronic versions of the books that he wants to read.


It's hard to get comfortable when you have to stay in bed, so the little things really do make a difference. You can purchase some comfortable pajamas or fuzzy socks. You can also purchase other items, such as eye masks or heating pads to soothe sore muscles.


Music provides a pleasant background for healing. You can purchase the CDs of your friend's favorite band. Another good idea is to get CDs for relaxation, which can help your friend relax despite her situation.