Gifts for Men in the Hospital

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Depending on the circumstances, being hospitalized can be boring, scary or downright depressing. If you know a man who is in the hospital--whether his stay is just a few days or several weeks--give him a gift to occupy his time and perk up his spirits. He'll be grateful you thought of him.

Boxers and Briefs

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If your friend or loved one had to make an emergency trip to the hospital, chances are he didn't pack a suitcase. Even if he did bring clothing for his stay, laundry can quickly pile up, and most hospitals will not wash personal clothing items. Brand-new pairs of boxers or briefs can make a man feel like new--or at least make him feel a bit more comfortable while he's laid up in bed.

Shaving Kit

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A kit stocked with razors and shaving cream can help a hospitalized man feel more presentable, and when someone looks good he tends to feel better. You can put together a basic kit, or buy something a bit more extravagant. For example, The Art of Shaving, which has stores in malls across the country, sells high-end razors, shaving brushes, hypoallergenic shave oils and after-shave balms.


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Men love gadgets. A high-tech--or even low-tech--gizmo can help occupy a man's time and keep his mind off his illness or injury. Suggested items include an MP3 player, iPhone, multifunction watch, hand-held video game, joystick for use with a laptop, a weather clock or a Rubik's Cube.

Homemade Gift Basket

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A man may shy away from a traditional gift basket, thinking it's a "girly" gift, but you can "macho up" a gift basket in a variety of ways. Instead of a wicker basket, buy a leather or vinyl case (or even use a briefcase) and fill it with his favorite items, such as snacks, canned or bottled beverages, game or puzzle books, playing cards and toiletry items. You can even create a theme package--such as golf, fishing, football or politics--and stock the bag with trinkets, books, magazines and other items that relate to that theme.

Visa or MasterCard Gift Card

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A Visa or MasterCard gift card is a perfect gift for someone in the hospital. When friends or relatives stop by, the patient can give the gift card to a visitor who can then go to the gift shop or hospital cafeteria to make requested purchases. Some hospitals even allow patients to order food from local delivery restaurants, given the meal does not violate any dietary restrictions the patient may have. Your friend, husband or boyfriend will enjoy being able to place his order over the phone and pay with the gift card.