Things to Do for a Guy Friend's Birthday

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Being a good friend isn't hard, especially when it comes to celebrating special occasions such as birthdays together. When choosing things to do for your guy friend's birthday, consider his hobbies, his personal interests, his personality type and your budget. With a little planning, you can give him a birthday he will remember for years to come.

Sports Fanatic

Show your guy friend how much you appreciate his friendship by surprising him on his birthday with tickets to his favorite sports team. Find out his favorite sport, teams and what games he wants to see. This can be done with general conversation and asking questions. Purchase the tickets and make sure he doesn't have any plans that day. Ask him to leave his wallet at home because you are taking care of all the expenses for this event. Buy him all the hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn and drinks his heart can desire. Take plenty of pictures to reminisce over later.

Weekend Getaway

Plan a mini-getaway with your guy friend for his birthday. You can drive to the next city over from your home or fly to another state, as long as it's a destination that you'll think he will enjoy. Las Vegas, Nevada, is a nonstop party with plenty of bars, nightclubs and events. New York City is full of excitement and interesting people. Invite a few mutual friends along to help celebrate your guy friend's birthday.

Night Out

Treat your guy friend to a night out on the town. You can start the celebration off with dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. Then treat your friend to a few rounds of drinks at his favorite bar. Take advantage of any freebies offered at these establishments to guests celebrating their birthday. You may be able to arrange a free dessert and birthday song at the restaurant, or a free shot at the bar. End the night with concert tickets to see an interesting artist perform.

Make His Dream Come True

Surprise your guy friend with a very unique and creative idea to celebrate his birthday by doing things that he has always wanted to do. If it has been his dream to go skydiving, to race a car or enter a wing-eating contest, then make it happen. Whatever it is, make his dream come true if it's in your budget. He will never forget the thoughtful birthday experience you made happen.