Non-Alcoholic Bachelor Party Ideas

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Bachelor parties traditionally have been a time for the groom to have one last night out on the town with his friends. Drinking alcohol has been a big part of the typical bachelor party. But grooms who aren't too hip on drinking don't have to opt out of a bachelor party. There are lots of ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials that don't involve alcohol.


Get a group of his friends together and go fishing. If you live near the ocean, charter a boat and head out for a day of deep-sea fishing. Maybe you don't live near the ocean, but there is another body of water within driving distance. Rent a boat and go out on the nearest lake, river or pond you can find. The groom and his friends can catch some fish, catch up and bond on the boat. Make the groom wear a "bachelor" T-shirt on the boat, while his friends wear "groomsmen" or "friends of the groom" T-shirts.


Many men are sports fanatics. If the groom enjoys a particular sport or sports team, go see a game. For example, if he is a baseball fan, go to a local minor league or major league game. Although beer is prevalent at most ballparks, there is no reason the groom and his guests have to drink. The guys can even start or end the day, depending on what time the game is, with a ballgame of their own. At the ballgame, you can arrange for the stadium's large screen to read "Congrats, John," or another message congratulating him on getting married. That way, the entire crowd will be able to enjoy the bachelor party with you.

Road Trip

Make a weekend out of his bachelor party and go on a road trip. Head to a destination he always has wanted to see, or go somewhere that means something to him. For example, head back to his college town for a bit of nostalgia. The good news about a non-alcoholic road trip is that the groom and his guests don't have to worry about who will be the designated driver. On the road trip, make the groom take pictures with a ball and chain at all the state lines or at all of the attractions you visit.


Get a group of guys together and go out to the best steakhouse in town. Because no one will be drinking wine or cocktails with dinner, the meal's tab will be considerably less expensive than it would be otherwise. The restaurant's atmosphere provides a nice, intimate setting for plenty of talking and catching up. At dinner, all the guests can toast to the groom and give him advice on his upcoming nuptials.


Just because the groom doesn't want to drink doesn't mean he has to give up every vice. Head out to a nearby casino for some gambling. Win or lose some money and feast on the late-night buffets. Rent a suite in the casino and stay overnight for an even more decadent bachelor party. Decorate the suite with all kinds of bachelor party trimmings, such as black streamers and balloons as a funny take on the death of his single life.