Winter Bachelor Party Ideas

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Your best bud is about to take the ultimate plunge and get hitched. It's your responsibility to throw him the bachelor party to remember. Spare no expense for the friend who's been there for you through thick and thin. If he's getting married in the winter time, grab your hat and gloves and throw him a winter-themed farewell to the single life.

Snowy Locale

Turn the bachelor party into a mini mancation and whisk him and his buddies away to a snowy, winter resort city such as Aspen or Vail, Colorado. Rent a cabin or stay in a hotel where you guys can party all night in a huge suite. Make sure the place has a hot tub. During the day, do some male bonding by going skiing and snowboarding together. Rent snowmobiles, have an epic snowball fight or tease and push each other trying to ice skate. Head to the bar scene at night and buy the groom non-stop drinks.

Winter Wear

Make everyone wear a hat, gloves and scarf at the bachelor party, even if its really warm inside. Come up with a game that has people attempting to steal other people's winter gear. Whoever has the most winter gear by the end of the night wins a prize. If you are playing any drinking games, in addition to someone having to take a drink you could also make them put on another layer of clothing each time they have to drink. This continues until someone with a lot of layers on can't take it anymore.

Olympic Bobsledding

If you ever thought that watching the bobsledders slide down tracks of high speeds nearing 80 miles an hour was cool, take the groom and the other guys to Salt Lake City where guests can slide down the track that was built for the 2002 Winter Olympics. You'll ride with an experience driver, they'll deck you out in a full bobsledding uniform and a helmet and send you on your way. Expect a major adrenaline rush on the thrilling, yet dangerous ride down.

Winter Games

Plan silly, random winter-themed fun for the bachelor party. In California, the bachelor party company Firefly can hook the groom and crew up with a game of bumper cars on ice. The huge bubble-shaped vessels are steerable and will allow you to crash into your friends' cars to your hearts content. Plan an all-out attack on the groom. Another idea is to dare people to run out into the snow in their underwear, roll around in the snow and run back inside. The funny part is when you lock the person out. Don't keep the poor guy out there for too long, however, as he could get hypothermia or frost bite. You could also participate in a local polar bear plunge that requires people to run into the ocean or lake in freezing cold winter temperatures.