Wild, Fun Birthday Ideas in Southern California

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Southern California offers so many diverse activities, choosing one for a birthday celebration can be overwhelming. Between the beaches, the sky, the ocean and the attractions, Southern California is the place to be for anyone wanting a wild, fun and memorable birthday experience.


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If you have always wanted to parachute out of a plane, make this the birthday when you finally do it. Southern California is home to two of the top skydiving locations in the state. Skydive Elsinore and Skydive Perris each offer skydive classes, as well as numerous opportunities for experienced jumpers. Located in Riverside County, both locations receive top ratings on Drop Zone.com. Skydive Elsinore also features barbecue lunches on the weekends, and Skydive Perris offers a state-of-the-art wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.


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Catalina Island is a Southern California gem. Not only can you snorkel, watch bison graze the hills and relax in a tropical setting, getting to the island off of the coast of Los Angeles is an event in itself. Ferries transport people throughout the day, but you also can reach the island from the mainland by helicopter. Celebrate your birthday with an exhilarating 15-minute flight to the island from any Southern California airport, or take a half-hour tour of the entire island.


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Take a surfing lesson in Surf City, U.S.A. -- Huntington Beach. Located between posh Newport Beach and Long Beach of West Coast rap fame -- Huntington Beach is the ideal spot to celebrate your birthday with an adventure on the ocean. Lessons are available through a variety of schools, and equipment is available for rent. Huntington Beach is home to two surf museums, including the International Surfing Museum, and the Surfing Walk of Fame, along Main Street.


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Spend your birthday driving along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Rent a convertible, if you don't have one, and start your day in Malibu. Enjoy breakfast at the historic Malibu pier, then head south to stay closest to the coastline. Stop in Venice for some beach time, or to walk along the famed boardwalk, where you will see Muscle Beach and local entertainers. Continue down PCH to Newport Beach, for lunch on Balboa Island or Balboa Peninsula, each just off of the highway. Drive a little further south for Crystal Cove State Beach and Park. Finish your big day in Laguna Beach, taking in the various art galleries and displays throughout the city. Choose from several oceanfront restaurants for a memorable birthday dinner.