Indoor Bachelor Party Ideas

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When it comes to bachelor parties, a little planning can make all the difference between a complete disaster and a party the guys talk about for decades to come. With a few no-fail suggestions and some input from your fellow groomsmen, you won’t even need to think about hiring a stripper to make the night unforgettable.

Beer and Cigar Tasting

Few things could be better for a bachelor party than going out for a beer, wine or whiskey tasting. If you really want to step it up, try setting up a private tasting for just your group. Just be sure you make any big purchases before the intoxication sets in. If you don’t think drinking will be a hit, sample expensive cigars instead.

Video Games

Give in to the bachelor stereotype and plan an epic night of video games. Order some pizza and stay up as late as you can handle. After all, the groom may not have many more opportunities to unleash his video game prowess. If you want to relive your preteen days, try loading up on quarters and going out to a local arcade.

Indoor Sports

Shoot each other up with some rounds of indoor paintball. Break the guys into teams and have the losers pay for the winners. Just be sure the groom does not get too banged up right before the wedding.

If the groom enjoys rock climbing, take the group out to a nearby indoor rock-climbing gym. This idea is fairly inexpensive and provides a perfect way to shake off those pre-wedding jitters.

Watching the Game

If the groomsmen are willing to chip in a decent chunk of money, go all out and get box seats to a big game. Or save the money and watch the game from a local sports pub instead. If you order enough beer, it’ll be almost as good.


Spoil the groom with a steak dinner at a high-class restaurant. If you can’t scrape together the cash for a restaurant, grill the steaks at home instead. If you burn the steaks, you can always break out the beer and order some pizzas.

Poker Night

Plan a poker night for the guys, or splurge and go to a casino instead. Either way, make sure the groom gets a good percentage of the winnings for the honeymoon.