Raffle Gifts for a Bachelor Party

red ticket image by Rick Sargeant from Fotolia.com

Raffle gifts at a bachelor party can help raise money to pay for the wedding. The guests at the bachelor party purchase raffle tickets in order to win a prize, so the prizes must be enticing enough that the guests want to purchase many tickets. Choose items that are desirable by men. The gifts may be vastly different from those at a bridal shower.

Grill Basket

In a play on the feminine style gift baskets full of candles, bottles of wine and candy, create a gift basket of grilling supplies appealing to men. For example, fill a cooler with grilling sauces, grill utensils, dry rubs, matchsticks and a bottle of whiskey. The cooler offers a playful and useful play off the idea of a gift basket. Add a grilling apron with a humorous image, such as a Superman insignia, to round out the gift.


Liquor is a common idea for a man's raffle. Assemble all the various liquor bottles in a row, such as handle of whiskey, vodka, scotch and gin, with bags in front of each to collect raffle tickets. You could even add a mini keg to the row of bottles, as this will appeal to the beer drinkers of the group. Add a set of pint glasses or snifters to the collection.

Sporting Gear

Collect a variety of sports merchandise and equipment for the raffle. Include sports jerseys from the state's professional football, baseball and basketball teams. Add a new set of golf clubs or a golf bag as a big-ticket gift idea. For a less expensive option, a high quality putter or driver will also be appealing. A set of new tennis rackets or a basketball could be appealing as well.

Gift Certificates

Feature a gift certificate for a round of golf for the bachelor party raffle. You could also include a gift certificate for a basket of balls for the driving range. For the non-golfers, a gift certificate to a local bowling alley, a paintball course or even to a shooting range could be popular items. Tickets to a sports game or concert would be desirable as well.