Stock the Bar Party Gifts

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"Stock the bar" parties are great for couples who are getting married. Plan this party if you are hosting a wedding or engagement event and are inviting couples. Serve lots of different cocktails to tie in with the theme. Each guest should bring a gift to help the couple build up their bar, normally liquor or bar ware.


Alcohol is a great gift for a stock the bar party. Bring a couple ofnice bottles of wine or liquor that you know the couple likes. Alternatively, bring the ingredients for a cocktail, along with the glasses needed for it. Consider apple-flavored vodka and martini glasses so the couple can make apple martinis.

You can also bring the couple a bottle of wine, scotch or brandy that isn't quite aged to perfection. Include a note telling them to open it in a year, or whenever it will be correctly aged. That way, they will have something to look forward to. Another take on this idea is bring beer mugs and a gift certificate to a local microbrewery.


Glassware is an essential part of a couple's bar. Bring a set of wine glasses, Champagne flutes, margarita glasses or beer mugs. Purchase a cocktail pitcher so the couple can mix several drinks at once. Although they aren't technically glassware, consider buying brightly-colored plastic cocktail glasses for use at casual parties.

Bar Stools

If the couple has an actual bar area, buy them some stools to go along with it. It's best to only purchase this gift if you know their home's decor and the colors they prefer. Choose simple wooden bar stools or nicer ones with cushions and backs.


There are all sorts of bar accessories you can purchase as gifts for a stock the bar party. Buy items such as wine bottle openers, beer bottle openers, wine charms, muddlers, long stirring spoons and cute swizzle sticks. Coasters and fun cocktail napkins are also good accessory gifts. No bar is complete without a couple of cocktail shakers. Think about having plain metal shakers monogrammed with the couple's initials.


Purchase an appliance that will make their bar the envy of all the neighbors. Buy a small refrigerator to go behind the bar so that they don't even have to walk to the kitchen for cocktail mixers or a beer. Alternatively, buy a small ice maker. Another good appliance for a bar is a blender, letting them make margaritas, daiquiris and all kinds of frozen drinks.