Family Reunion Gifts & Awards

by Krystal Miller

Planning a family reunion can be a daunting task, but with a few ideas and help from family members, you can plan an exciting time. Create awards to give during the reunion and give each person that attends a special gift to take home to remember the event. From personalized T-shirts to humorous awards, use your imagination to make your next family reunion a memorable one.

Personalized Items

Create personalized items for everyone that attends the family reunion to take home as a way to remember the reunion. You can personalize pens, coffee mugs, note pads and T-shirts. Some of these items can get expensive, especially if you have several people coming to the reunion. If you are doing T-shirts, select a design and find out how much it will be for each shirt. Most people will be happy to buy their own and it will keep the cost down by buying the shirts in bulk as a group order. Check online retailers for these personalized items, as many times with large orders you can receive discounts and free shipping.

Funny Awards

Most family reunions consist of games and activities. Get everyone involved in the reunion by competing for an award or trophy. Print awards or have small trophies engraved for several activities. The activities can include a contest for who can stand on his hands the longest or who can jump the farthest. Award small trophies or awards for these activity winners. These activities are perfect to play toward the beginning of the reunion to get everyone laughing and involved in the event.


Pictures are a perfect gift for everyone at the family reunion, as these will last a lifetime. Hire a photographer or have someone in the family offer to take pictures. Be sure to get pictures of each family and a few of the entire group. Get everyone's email address or home address so you can upload or mail the pictures once they are ready. If you have several pictures, email is the best option. You can email the pictures or upload them to the family website and everyone can have the pictures that they like printed. If some people do not have access to a computer, you can mail them a group picture of everyone from the reunion.

Award Certificates

Make award certificates to present to family members at the reunion. You can print your own or purchase pre-made certificates at your local office supply store. Award examples include a certificate to the oldest and youngest family member at the reunion, the youngest grandparents, the couple with the most children or grandchildren and the couple that has been married the longest.

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