Stag & Doe Fundraising Ideas

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A stag and doe (or a buck and doe, or a stag and hen) party makes a great way to raise money for the impending big day. Following a few suggestions will make the party memorable, lucrative and perfect to suit any couple, no matter their style.

What is it?

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Some may not have heard of a stag and doe party before. In essence, the event combines a bachelor and bachelorette party before the wedding. It's usually planned by the wedding party, though the couple can also do the planning. Guests purchase tickets to the big event for a night of entertainment and fun. At the end of the party, the couple gets the money raised, after expenses are covered, to use toward the wedding expenses.

Traditionally, a stag and doe party is a large event, involving significant expenses to put on. The wedding party usually splits and pays for these expenses upfront in the hopes of getting many people to come and raising a big profit for their friends who are about to get married.

Ticket sales and Donations

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Selling tickets holds the key to hosting a stag and doe. Ask all members of the wedding party and other family and friends of the bride and groom to help sell tickets for the event. Remember that the expenses for a party like this run high, and all the profit will go to the bride and groom. Ticket price generally ranges anywhere from $10 to $20 a person, depending on how lavish the event will be.

Send out creative invitations that fit the theme of the party and list the fun and games that will take place. This will entice guests to come to the party, and also make selling tickets an easier task. Work with friends and family to get some of the things needed for the party donated. Donations save the party planners money and ultimately benefit the couple---the better the party, the more tickets sold, and the more items donated, the more profit the party will make.

Games and Fun Ideas

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A stag and doe that has an overarching theme is a popular idea. Make sure the theme fits the personality of the couple. A "French Riviera" stag and doe could feature games like poker, roulette and blackjack and performers that fit the theme. Reserve an elegant venue and make sure guests dress to the nines. Raffle off prizes like trips, classy restaurant gift certificates and romantic getaway-themed items.

A circus theme or "Moulin Rouge" theme allows for lots of carnival games. Charge a price to play each game or involve money in the game, and the profits will begin to grow. Dancing girls and guys would also work great for this theme.

A circus-themed party could take place under a tent. This idea works great for a summertime stag and doe. Renting a tent might be cheaper than renting a hall or other venue. Traditional games like musical chairs, spin the bottle, bingo, Twister and others could be fun for a stag and doe party. As long it makes a profit and the couple has fun, that's what really matters.