Extravagant Ideas for a Teenage Boy's Birthday Party

teen on the party with noise-maker image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.com

Throw your teenage boy an over-the-top, outrageous birthday party he'll always remember. He'll be the envy of all his friends, and you'll be known as the coolest parent around. These extravagant ideas cater to all sorts of interests, so you're sure to find something for everyone.


Take a group of teens skydiving. This isn't for the faint of heart, so make sure everyone that goes is willing to take the leap. Find a company that videotapes jumpers; each teen can have a copy of his jump as a party favor.

Personal Concert

Hire a musical performer or band to perform live at the party. Arrange for a meet and greet or some personal time for the birthday boy with the performer(s). Try to also get some autographed memorabilia and photos with the artist. Give the party area a nightclub atmosphere so the teens can dance.

Race Party

If there's a racetrack nearby, this can be an amazing experience. Arrange for track time, rent some race cars and hire drivers to give a brief lesson and show the teens how it's done. Later, take them to an indoor track where they can drive the cars and race one another.

Helicopter Tour and Chaffeur

Charter a helicopter for the day and have it take your group from one site to another. Start off with a nice breakfast or lunch, then fly from one activity to the next around town. Take photos of the city from the air and land on rooftops in style when heading to your next destination. Your teen will feel like a celebrity with all eyes on your group.

Private Sports Lesson

Hire a professional athlete from your teen's favorite sport. Prior to the party, have the athlete spend one-on-one time with the birthday boy so he can improve his skills. At the party, have the athlete give a lesson to the entire group. Then engage in a game of the chosen sport and let the athlete play on the birthday boy's team.