Daisy Girl Scout Activities on Respecting Authority

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Daisy Girl Scouts are in kindergarten and first grade and are just getting started in their Girl Scout career. They are able to earn a number of colored petals for accomplishing various tasks considered to be life-affirming and character-building. The magenta Daisy petal is the part of the Girl Scout law that means to "Respect Authority." Earning the Respecting Authority petal is one of the easiest, and it can be one of the most fun.

Fire and Police

Visit a police or fire station. Call your local non-emergency police phone number to see if they can arrange an age-appropriate tour. Your troop should be able to arrange a talk from a police or fire person also and perhaps even get a look inside some vehicles. After the visit, ask the troop to write thank-you letters to the station and to the person who gave you the tour.

Play a Game

Play a game of Authority Simon Says. This game is played like traditional Simon Says, but with the addition of some hats that resemble authority figures such as police and fire persons. The girl playing Simon will get to wear any hat and may even change hats. The Daisies should only obey Simon if she is wearing a hat for someone in a place of authority.

Local Authority Figures

Have a local teacher, school principal, doctor or nurse talk to the troop about their jobs. Have them explain their typical day and the type of decisions they have to make. Encourage the troop to ask questions about the jobs and participate in role-playing after the visit is finished.

Show respect

Encourage the Daisies to show respect for older people. Ask them to call adults "Sir" or "Ma'am" and open doors for the elderly. Involve each girl's parents in this process and ask them to monitor their girl's progress.

Personal Authority Figures

Ask the girls to name an authority figure in their lives and what that person means to them.