How to Decorate a Party Hall

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A well-decorated party hall is an integral part of any celebration. It is the first thing guests see when they attend an event and it sets the tone for the night. There are many ways to decorate a hall but you must take into consideration its shape, the items included with the rental and any restrictions placed in the agreement. Plan ahead. Visit the library and look at books to get ideas for simple ways to personalize the party hall. Most importantly, decorate your party hall with the intention of creating a memorable event and you can't go wrong.

Set a budget and select a theme or color scheme. Some commonly used themes are butterflies for quinceaneras, pirates and princesses for birthdays, luaus for everyday parties and a day on the beach for weddings.

Visit the party hall and count the tables and chairs. See if the walls have pictures on them and if any decorations come with the hall. If you will be using the hall at night, check the lighting to see if it meets your needs. Look for the power outlets and decide if you will need extension cords.

Purchase supplies: balloons, a helium tank, candles, tape, curling ribbon, tablecloths, napkins, tableware, utensils, pinto beans, vases and flowers. If needed, rent extra tables and chairs.

Ask friends and family to help decorate and set up the party hall. Depending on the number of guests, it could take several hours to complete.

Fill and tie balloons; put long, curling ribbons on them to make cleanup easy. Line the ceilings with the balloons. Tie some of the balloons to the back of chairs.

Put the tablecloths on tables. Pour dried pinto beans into tall, square glass vases; a quarter of the vase should be filled with beans. Set a flower into each vase. The beans will hold the flower in place. Use the vases for centerpieces. Lay the tableware, napkins and utensils on the tables. Arrange the chairs around each table.