How to Organize a Charity Sports Event

Organizing a charity sports event is a great way to quickly raise money. Charity sports events are an effective tool for not only bringing in dollars, but raising awareness of an issue, typically a disease or social problem. While this type of event can raise a considerable amount of money, it also requires pre-planning, preparation and organization.

Choose the type of sporting event you would like to organize. Consider what's popular and who you're trying to attract. Charity golf tournaments are a popular choice, but not as spectator friendly as a football or basketball game. You need to decide if the players need to donate to participate or will the money come from admittance. This could determine the type of event, particularly if you're organizing a celebrity charity sports event.

Decide how the money will be raised. You have several options and can likely use more than one technique. Donations can come from players and spectators, but also from local businesses in exchange for a mention in the program. Also ask for product donations from local businesses and set up a silent auction with bidding open during the game.

Find your players. If you're hosting a tournament, you can invite established sports teams and charge a participation fee as well as take donations at the gate. This strategy also works well with local businesses that want to organize a team. Police and fire departments are usually willing to organize a team, and the rivalry between the two departments is a spectator favorite. Posting flyers and ads in the paper are also good ways to attract players.

Book the venue. There's typically a charge for reserving fields, gyms and arenas, but if you explain you're organizing a charity event, you can likely book the venue for free or at a discount.

Recruit volunteers. Make sure you have enough people to effectively work the event, even if you lose a few people to illness or emergencies. You'll also need a referee or umpire depending upon the specific event.

Advertise the event at least 2 weeks in advance. Post flyers at local restaurants and stores. Contact the local newspaper and news stations and ask if they would be interested in covering a preview of the event, as well as the actual event.