Funding for Christian Projects

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Getting funding for Christian organizations such as charities, youth programs and churches is fairly simple. Grants, nonprofit loans and fundraising campaigns are all ways of obtaining funding for your organization. Your organization's financial need and the funding source's available money determine how much cash your organization will receive.


Grants are one primary funding source for Christian organizations. Grants come primarily from private entities such as the Mustard Seed Foundation, Foursquare Foundation and the Lily Endowment, according to Church Grants. Although application procedures vary, generally organizations need to fill out an application and write a grant proposal that illustrates a clear vision for the project and demonstrates financial need.


Fundraisers are another key way for Christian organizations to raise money. Fundraisers must be designed to generate as much money as possible, while spending a minimum amount of funds. Fundraisers may be as simple as asking for donations, or they may involve pledge drives, church bake sales, T-shirt sales or mail/email letter campaigns to potential supporters. Regardless of the method, fundraisers should clearly illustrate the project's mission, especially to those not familiar with the organization.


Loans are another source of financing for Christian projects and organizations. Some lending organizations, such as the Nonprofit Finance Fund, specialize in loans to nonprofit organizations. The loan process for Christian nonprofit organizations operates much like any other loan process: there will be credit checks and financial statement verification.