How to Organize a Motorcycle Rally

A motorcycle rally is an extraordinary way to raise awareness for a special cause and is an amazing way to get your community involved to fund raise or build support. Organizing a Motorcycle Rally requires planning, organization and building community involvement and awareness.

Seek an event planning committee. If you have the desire to organize the rally, you will need a good team of people to plan and coordinate the many details involved. Seek people who have a heart for the cause and who may strengthen your team with their skills in organization, communication or connections within the community.

Establish details and information about the cause for the event. If you want to fund raise money and awareness for a foundation or a family, be sure that the central focus for all details is around the importance of the cause.

Hold your first committee meeting. At this first meeting, express interests, concerns and goals. Be sure to appoint some one to take excellent minutes.

Assign people to specific tasks and sub parts of the committee. Such positions could be chairperson, secretary, treasurer, food and drink coordinator, local business support contact, MC or in charge of finding an MC or guest speaker, community spokes person and volunteer coordinator.

Establish an initial budget. It is key to know your initial budget. And then compare what the actual event should cost. This will help you know how much money to raise just to get the event functioning properly.

Organize location details for date and time. Also plan what you will need for the location. Such examples are a stage, tables, chairs or road blocks to block off regular traffic.

Plan details about an agenda for the event from start to finish. Plan what people will do when they arrive, what they will do while they are there and how to promote the commencement.

Get local support from area businesses. Ask local businesses to get involved. Plan for sponsors to be able to advertise at the event, demonstrating their support. Their support can be in way of donating money, donating food and most importantly, if they want to donate toward the rally's cause.

Appoint an MC. Your event must have someone who will interact with the public. Their sole position is to rally, inform and introduce the event, entertainment and hype people up to participate in donating toward the event's cause.

Seek Entertainment. Check out your local bands to play for the event.

Decide on food type that you would like to serve. An example could be a local Barbecue menu. Ask a locally owned restaurant or caterer to set up "booths" to cook and sell food. Ask them to donate their time and even participate in the fund raising by donating $1 (or what ever amount is reasonable) toward the cause. Contact your local beverage distributor to rent a drink trailer.

Plan activities for the whole family. Plan games and prizes for kids of all ages.

Raise awareness. Flyers, radio advertising and word of mouth are instrumental tools in getting the information out to potential visitors and supporters. Also contact your local television stations, newspapers and radio stations. A press release will help the public become aware, and will also give you free coverage. If your budget permits, place ads in the media to further awareness.