How to Plan a Donation Drive for a Charity

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From food drives to blood drives, hosting a donation drive is a charitable way to assist individuals, families, or communities in need. Planning a donation drive takes a lot of preparation and persistence, and having the support of your friends and family members will make the organizational process easier on you. Advertising is key to creating a successful donation drive. Get local business owners involved, and advertise the donation drive by posting fliers; emailing friends, co-workers and family members; posting the event on different social networking sites and sending online invitations.

Select a charity for your donation drive. Your organizational efforts can benefit a variety of causes, institutions or organizations, including your community, local animal shelters, schools, homelessness, women’s shelters and cancer research.

Specify the donation collection for your drive, such as food, clothing, school supplies, cell phones or toys. You can also contact the charity for direction. Inform one of the organizations' representatives that you are planning a donation drive for the charity, and ask him or her what items the organization needs.

Determine the date, time and location for your donation drive. Contact local businesses or shopping centers, and explain the details of your donation drive. Depending on your place of employment, you may also be permitted to have the donation drive at your work.

Get your friends and family members involved in the organizational efforts. Explain the importance of the donation drive, and ask them to help you with advertising or volunteering at the event.

Create and print fliers for your donation drive. Be sure to include the date, time, location and type of donation collection on the front of your flier. You can save money by creating the fliers on your home computer. After you print the fliers, go to local businesses and ask if you can put it up in store windows. If they don’t allow you to post the flier, they may allow you to leave a small stack on the cashier’s counter.

Advertise online through email, blogging and social networking sites. If you are a member of Facebook or MySpace, you can create an online event and invite your friends, co-workers and family members to attend your donation drive. You can also contact your local newspaper and post an add in the classifieds.