Ideas to Involve Members in the Celebration of a Club Anniversary

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Club members participate in various activities throughout the year. At the end of each year, club members can celebrate the anniversary and conduct other activities, such as electing new officers to serve the next year. Club officers want as many members to attend the anniversary meeting as possible and may combine functions to conduct business, celebrate the achievements of the past year and plan new goals for the coming year.

Issue Invitations

Send out invitations or reminders to let club members know that the next club function will celebrate the club’s anniversary. Include photos of the past year’s activities and achievement goals met. Invite members to send in pictures they took for a year-end celebratory slide show at the meeting. Make a list of other activities they can expect during the celebration. If elections will coincide with the celebration, include those members on the officer’s slate.

Hand Out Awards

Allow members to nominate people for various club awards, such as “best fundraiser,” “most cookies baked,” “club cheerleader” and “most dependable member.” Print certificates for each award with an expression of appreciation for the member. After all the votes are in, print a commemorative program to honor the recipients in print and place a copy in the club scrapbook or records book. You might include more substantial rewards for some designations, such as a floral bouquet or a gift book.

Let's Eat

Plan a nice meal for your club anniversary celebration. A potluck keeps the cost down and creates less fuss. However, for milestone anniversaries, you may want a catered meal and invite club alumni back to participate in the celebration. Some club members may make a special effort to attend if they know various alumni will return for the event. Create centerpieces that club members can win and take home after the celebration. Ask for volunteers to assist with decorations, invitations, set-up and breakdown. Specific responsibilities may entice more people to attend and ensure that no one has to shoulder the responsibility of the entire event.

Special Events

Celebrate your club anniversary with an outing or other special event, such as a book signing for a book club, a wine tasting for a dinner club or a regional or national convention with other clubs in your organization. Offer ways club members can win prizes or free accommodations for completing specific tasks prior to the celebration. Pass out promotional material and talk it up enthusiastically at meetings prior to the celebration.