How to Start a Women's Social Club

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Women’s social clubs have been around for generations as pillars of the community and a way for women to mingle. Starting a women’s club takes dedication, organization, and a passion for uplifting and empowering people. It is also important to consider the networks, resources, and funds needed to maintain an organization. Determine how committed you want this social club to be before recruiting members and making commitments.

Create the purpose, mission and vision of the social club. Women's clubs like to meet around a specific social cause while others like to meet for therapeutic and relaxation reasons. Some women's groups revolve around empowerment, business objectives, hobbies, and other interests.

Compose a proposal that explains what you hope to achieve with the women’s social club. Decide if the social club should be private, have a certain number of members, or seek membership dues.

Have a graphic designer create a logo, flyers, and a website that represents the club. Make sure that the website is user friendly so that you or an associate can update the site frequently once it is launched. Also, make sure that all legal matters regarding certifications and licenses are squared away with the state.

Find a location for th esocial club to meet. Ensure that the facility is safe and can accommodate the group. Also, keep in mind the materials you may need, such as projectors, extra tables, kitchen, and other items.

Recruit members for the social club. Make a list of potential candidates and recruit through word of mouth. Enlist women who will be committed, make contributions, and bring positivity to the group. Set up a meeting to welcome all the women to the social club. Get to know the women and have them fill out a questionnaire to find out their availability to meet, their personal interests, and what role they would like to play in the club.