How to Find a Christian Boyfriend

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When looking for love, starting with the criteria of a shared faith is a good place to begin. Finding a Christian boyfriend, one who shares your level of commitment to Christ, does not have to be a tireless, unending or desperate search. God dictates life's direction and when living under His guidance and direction, the path to love will be a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Pray for the willingness to act in good faith and service to the Lord. Your service to Him and your faith always needs to come first. Living a life of prayer and worship will keep your heart and mind open and connected to God. When setting yourself on a path to find love---prayer and faith allow you to stay grounded along the way. Remember Proverbs 4:23: "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of love."

Attend church regularly and participate in fellowship. If you want to date a true Christian who is engaged in church life, then you too must be active in your worship and community. Get to know your fellow parishioners and build a relationship with the pastor. Stay after church and talk with others. If you find small conversation difficult, you can always discuss the sermon of the day. Do not disregard the women of the congregation, they may have a brother or know an available single man that may be right for you.

Volunteer for church activities. Make yourself available for service and strengthen your relationship with God. This lets you be seen by others as a committed member of the congregation, increasing your chances of gaining the attention of single men in your community. Talk to your pastor about ways you can become more involved.

Organize Christian-related functions. Plan a day hike, put a sports team together, host a bible study or arrange an outing to see Christian music. Advertise your events at other churches within your denomination to increase your chances of meeting someone new.

Register with a Christian online dating site. Many dating sites, such as Christian Singles, Fusion 101 and Singles Of Faith, specialize in matching Christian singles. Ask your girlfriends for help in creating an appealing and tasteful profile that will attract interest.

Embark on a service mission abroad. Serve your faith while helping others through a Christian service project in another country, and meet men similarly dedicated to service. The organization Serve Your World provides information on volunteering with Christian-based organizations like Global Shepherd Volunteers, Careforce International and Habitat For Humanity.