Worship Night Ideas

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A worship night is a way for a church congregation and community to gather to worship God and thank him for all his gifts. Dedicating a night to worshiping God is a way to not only express praise and thankfulness, but a way to grow in your own faith. Being quiet and thinking on the things of God is a good way to refocus your faith and take the time to listen to what God is saying to you. Always pray for God's guidance and direction when planning a worship service and ask God to be present during the service.

Congregational Prayer

A night of worship should include a time of congregational prayer. Ask the congregation for prayer requests for themselves, their loved ones and the community or country. The pastoral staff and members of the congregation can take turns addressing the requests. Allow time for silent prayer and a time when members can come forward in the service to receive direct prayer from a member of the staff or board. You may even want to break into small groups to allow the congregation to support each other in their needs.

Praise Reports

It's always encouraging to hear about answered prayers. Ask the congregation for updates on situations from previous services or about any answered prayers. Hearing about how God has answered prayers and intervened in situations for others builds the faith of those who hear. Take the time to thank God for answering prayers and for intervening in our lives.


Music in a worship service can vary quite a bit and is dependent on the available talent, instruments and the type of service you are planning. A capella worship is a nice way to focus solely on the words of a song and what the lyrics are actually saying. Add a piano or guitar to help direct people in the tune. A full orchestra or a modern band are all acceptable types of music for worship services. Choose songs that convey the message you want. A mix of classic hymns and more modern choruses will assure that there is a style for everyone.

Words of Encouragment

Share scripture verses and words of encouragement to those who attend a worship night at church. It's important to encourage each other in the faith. Choose scriptures that coincide with a particular theme for the night or that match a song selection, or just allow God's spirit to guide you in choosing the passages that will speak to the hearts of those who are attending. Words that talk about God's love and his forgiveness are always encouraging and practical pieces of advice, like those found in Psalms, Proverbs and Romans.