Fun Devotion Games

Youth ministry praying as pastor reads from Bible

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Even the most devout Christians sometimes lose sight of God while engrossed in their busy lives. The spiritual zeal of Sunday mornings tends to fade though the week as Christians get distracted by worldly things. Devotions, or casual and continuous acts of religious worship, keep believers close to God on a daily basis. These reverent breaks from every day activity involve scriptures and stories that help Christians relate their lives to messages from the Bible. Devotion games will provide fun ways to regularly acknowledge God.

Devotion Board Games

Integrate spiritual worship into quality family time or Sunday school lessons by adapting favorite board games to center on devotional themes. Play devotional Pictionary by drawing pictures of people and stories that relate to stories from the Bible. You can also play devotional trivia or "Password" style games. Team up and give clues or questions to prompt answers about Bible themes. Make categories for a trivia game based on topics of devotion.

Role Playing

Role playing helps children to better understand stories and themes of the Bible. Choose a Bible story for Sunday school children to act out by dressing up or using puppets. The children can perform mini plays of classic Bible stories, such as Noah's Ark, Daniel and the Lion's Den and David and Goliath. While preparing the scenes, children should discuss how they can apply messages from the stories in their daily lives.

Scripture Search

Include some friendly competition into family worship routines by having a scripture search. Choose random devotion topics from a bag and race with family members to find a scripture in the Bible that addresses that topic. Choose topics that will enhance values of your children, such as kindness, obedience, family and purity. For younger children, make a matching game that allows them to pair up themes and characters with Bible stories.

Private Devotions

Christians often use devotions for frequent private worship. Create a fun devotion game that will keep you connected to God and on a positive spiritual path. Fill out small index cards with devotional stories and scriptures and hide them around your house, car and workplace. These cards will remind you to worship throughout the day and provide spiritual references. You can strategically place cards in areas as reminders of God's expectations, such as putting a card about greed in your wallet or one about prayer by your bedside.