Wednesday Night Church Activities for Kids

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Many Christian churches regularly hold services on Wednesday night. Programs for children should involve physical activities, games and crafts to keep children interested. Programs should also have a spiritual aspect, in keeping with the teachings of the church. Children generally have a short attention span, so long teaching sessions are usually not as effective.


Pre-packaged programs are available, and Awana is the largest one. This program features activities for ages 2 through 18 and is used in more than 18,000 churches of all denominations around the world. The program features games and physical activities that involve running and playing. It also involves crafts. The spiritual aspect involves memorizing Bible verses, and the children can win prizes. The package also includes training materials for adults. Pioneer Clubs and Gospel Light also offer similar learning programs.


Kids frequently enjoy movies, and several faith-based films are available. Choose a movie that is age-appropriate and that has a faith-related theme. You can also offer the children some snacks and drinks. After the movie, engage the children in a discussion about the movie's theme.

Classic Games

Bible-related games are also a good choice for kids. Bible drills, where you see who can look up a verse the fastest, is a fun game that keeps kids interested. Bible trivia is another way to introduce spiritual issues with kids. Musical chairs is another classic game that kids enjoy. Use faith-based music for this game.

Games with a Message

For a game with a spiritual message, try the encouragement game. Use an object, such as a ball or a stuffed animal. Have one person say something positive about another person, and then hand the object to that person. The person who receives the object then says something positive about another person and passes the object to that individual.