Thank You Ideas for Awana Leaders

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Awana is a national Christian church-based organization that offers outreach programs for children. Churches throughout the United States offer Awana chapters where children participate in programs that provide spiritual development and faith-based training activities. Awana leaders and teachers lead classes with kids in certain age groups and provide large-group leadership and small-group teaching. A gift to your child's Awana leaders at the culmination of the Awana year is a nice way to say thank you.

Baskets of Faith

Baskets of faith is a Christian-centered version of a basic gift basket. While you can add treats and things often included in traditional gift baskets, a basket of faith is typically filled with Christian or faith-based products. You can create your own basket or buy a basket that comes with items such as mugs with spiritual expressions, picture frames, Christian plaques and wall hangers and other faith-centered items or personalized gifts.

Book Store Gift Certificate

Awana leaders would likely appreciate a gift certificate to your area's best-known Christian books and gifts store. Readers can sort through the latest Christian and faith-based books. Christian book stores usually have a wide array of other products, including music, collectible items, decor and more. A Christian book store gift certificate is a personalized acknowledgment of your Awana leader's faith, but a flexible gift that allows her to pick something of value to her.

Wall Plaque or Frames

A wall plaque with a well-known or encouraging Bible verse is another good thank you gift idea. Scripture verses printed on nice wall plaques or in frames are popular decor choices for many Christians. You can also choose a plaque style that is personalized to your leader or that has a design or color that make the plaque and verse stand out.

Personalized Jewelry

You can also get an Awana leader a personalized jewelry item that does not have to cost that much. A simple sterling necklace, bracelet or locket that is personalized with the leader's name, a scripture verse, or a personal message would make a nice gift. You can find a necklace and locket, for instance, that includes a cross or other symbol on the front, and opens to a small picture spot.