Wedding Gift Ideas for the Helpers

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Weddings take a lot of planning and hard work, and require lots of helpers in many areas. Remember to give a gift to each helper and participant in your wedding to remind your family and friends that this day was made very special by their efforts. Put careful thought into the gift you give each helper to make the gift one she will always remember.

Gift Certificates

Wedding helpers will appreciate a certificate tailored to their interests. A paid trip to a gym, spa, nail salon or golf course are a few ideas. The certificates need not be expensive ones, yet can match the interests of the helpers and the wedding budget.

Wedding Program Gifts

Give your wedding helpers a printed reminder of their part in your special day. Frame the entire program that is opened to the inside where all participants and helpers are listed. Glass coasters are another idea to place part of the printed wedding program in. The Wedding Shop on The Knot website (see Resources) offers coasters in various shapes for about $1 each. You may also give each helper a small photo frame with a note that states you will be sending a photo of her at the wedding. Be sure the photographer takes a picture of each helper, or assign someone to take snapshots of all wedding helpers during the wedding and reception.

Keepsake Boxes or Trays

Give your men helpers a wooden or silver tray to hold small items on his dresser at home. Women helpers will appreciate a tray for candles. Keepsake boxes will appeal to men, women and children. Put some wrapped candies, a child's toy or a selection of soaps in each box, depending on the recipient. If you prefer monogrammed trays or boxes, gift shops or online sites, such as Gifts for You Now, can add the name, initial or message you wish to put on each gift.


Jewelry makes a memorable gift for all of your wedding helpers. Choose key chains or money clips for the men and boys. Women and young girls love necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Your local jewelry store can have jewelry engraved if you choose.

Inexpensive Gifts

If you wish to keep your wedding budget lower, choose inexpensive gifts for the helpers. Potpourri, scent diffusers and scented candles or soaps will appeal to your female friends. Men will appreciate wallets, ball caps, bags of golf tees or aftershave lotion. Children are easy to please, no matter the age. Books, coloring books, instant cameras, stuffed toys, remote control cars, action figures and games are some favorites. If you want to make inexpensive gifts more memorable, place the gift inside a clear bag. Place a wedding napkin inside the bag so the printing shows from the front of the bag.