Bridal Show Goody Bag Ideas

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A bridal show is the perfect place for wedding vendors to capture their target audience, the bridal couple. These shows often include a fashion show, makeup tips and vendor booths. A wise vendor knows that giving the bride a goody bag is one way to really gain her attention. Consider including some innovative and useful items in a bridal show goody bag to gain interest from your potential customers.

Vendor Information

Bridal show goody bags are an appropriate place for wedding vendors to share their business cards, brochures and other written information. A vendor might include a flyer that offers a bridal couple a discount on services or a product. Other informational products might include pens, key chains or other items with the company name and information printed on them.

Samples and Coupons

A bridal goody bag should include sample size products. For instance, a company might include a sample sized body lotion or shampoo in a goody bag. A bride might fall in love with the product and want to buy the full size version. Include a coupon so the bride can purchase it at a discount. Other samples might include items such as makeup or food products.

Gift of Value

Include a bottle of water with a personalized label advertising your company. Other ideas for a gift of value include a measuring tape that a bride can put in her purse and use when shopping for fabric, attire or other wedding day items, or a notebook or pocket sized calender for her to keep her wedding information handy.

Other Ideas

A wedding musician might want to include complimentary tickets to a live performance so a bridal couple can see her musical ability firsthand. A limousine service could include a DVD that shows prospective clients all the vehicles in their fleet along with tips for ordering a limousine for their wedding day. Print your company name on the bag itself. Reusable canvas tote bags make excellent goody bags.