How to Make a Bridal Money Bag

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A bridal money bag is used for wedding guests to donate token monetary gifts as an offering to the bride in return for a dance at the wedding. You can make a customized money bag at home for your own wedding or as a gift to a special bride-to-be for her to carry during the reception for its traditional purpose. You can also use the money bag to carry around little essentials, such as touch-up makeup and your cell phone, in style.

Lay the satin fabric on your work surface and cut a rectangle that measures 15 inches by 25 inches. Place the rectangle right side up on your work surface.

Cut two pieces of lace trim, each 25 inches long. Lay one piece of trim along each of the 25-inch-long sides of the rectangle, with the lace laying inward on the fabric. Pin the lace in place.

Fold the rectangle in half to make a 15-inch by 12 1/2-inch rectangle. Sew along the two side seams, sewing through the edge of the lace trim as you work. Leave 1 inch at each top edge open.

Turn the bag right side out. The lace should now be on the outside of the bag, sewn into the side seams.

Fold inward 1 inch of fabric at the top, open end of the bag. Sew along the rough edge of the fold to make a tube.

Cut two pieces of satin ribbon, each 24 inches long. Slide one end of each through the eyes of sewing bodkins and slide the bodkins through the tubes at the top of the bag. Remove the bodkins and tug on the ribbons to close the top of the bag.

Embellish the money bag. Apply a little bit of glue to some imitation pearls or gemstones and press them against the bag at random places.