How to Use Tulle As Gift Wrap

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Tulle is a finely woven, mesh material commonly used for decorating, weddings and tutus. Use tulle as a creative way to wrap, conceal or present gifts for a birthday, wedding, baby shower or other special event. The tulle may be reusable, depending on how you use it. Using tulle as gift wrap allows your gift to blend in with the decorations. Use a combination of different colors or use multiple layers if you don't want the contents of your package to be seen before it's unwrapped.

Lay the tulle on a flat surface and place the gift in the center of the tulle.

Gather the tulle around the gift, making sure you leave enough to cover the entire gift.

Cut the excess material away using scissors. Leave extra material if you are tying the material with a bow and not wrapping the gift like you would with traditional wrapping paper. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each layer of tulle, if you are using multiple layers.

Fold the right and left sides of the material in over the gift like you would traditional wrapping paper. Use fabric glue or double-sided tape to hold the material in place. Turn the package and fold in the other two sides. Secure them, as well.

Alternatively, hold the gathered tulle above the gift and tie a ribbon or tulle bow around it if for a gift bag effect.

Wrap another piece of tulle around the package, or use ribbon if you prefer. Cut away the excess material.

Tie a bow and add a card or gift tag to the package.