How to Gift Wrap a Leather Jacket

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Gift wrap doesn't have to be boring. Gifts boxes no longer come in plain white--there's a world of color and designs enhancing them. For heavier items, such as a leather jacket, use a large box. Decorate it with ribbons and bows to make it stand out. Your gift will be the best looking one at the party after spending a little time and a lot of tape.

Fold the leather jacket into a large rectangle. Fold each arm to cross the back of the jacket. Fold the bottom of the jacket under, making the jacket half its size. The bottom fold should close over top of the arms.

Place two pieces of tissue paper inside the large gift box. The tissue paper should hang over the sides. These sides will be used to cover the jacket. The box should be heavy enough to hold the jacket and large enough to tape closed without gaps. Choose a box with a design that's of interest to the person you're giving the gift to.

Place the folded jacket into the box and cover it with the remainder of the tissue paper. Place the top of the box over the jacket and use clear tape to secure each corner. Use more tape if needed to secure the middle of each side.

Wrap one ribbon around the box horizontally and secure with clear tape on the underside. Repeat again, but vertically, and tape in the same manner on the bottom of the box. You will need scissors to cut the ribbon to an appropriate length. Place a bow in the middle where the ribbons meet.

Cut a few strips of ribbon to use in place of a bow. Run the edge of one of the scissor blades along the ribbon to create a spiral. Repeat for as many spiral coils as desired and tape into the center of the box on top of the large ribbons. Place a gift tag on top.